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If you're looking for wholesale Origination, Termination, DIDs, A-Z termination, Toll Free, e911, virtual fax and SMS, then look no further. With Vitelity's expansive products and services offering it is no wonder why we're the nation’s leading wholesale solutions provider. You'll have the tools that make managing your account effortless, from our super-robust API’s to free end user billing.

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Vitelity Link Home & Office

We understand that you have a choice when it comes to VoIP providers. With more and more starting up every week, finding the right provider is almost impossible. For ten years, Vitelity has been providing VoIP-based communications to tens of thousands of customers worldwide. We have spent those ten years building the most reliable, feature-rich service offering available today.

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Get Paid for Referrals!

If you are looking to get into the VoIP, vFax, SMS, and PBX hosting business but don’t want to deal with hardware, support, or billing then we have just the program for you. Vitelity’s Reseller/Agent program is a quick and easy way to provide your customers with superior phone services from an industry-leading wholesale solutions carrier. And you can get started today with no upfront costs.


MyScribbit is free with any Vitelity account!

MyScribbit instantly makes you more productive by transcribing your voicemails to text so that you can quickly read them on any device. Easily integrates with any phone system that supports email delivery of sound files.

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vMobile – Rethinking the way we communicate

Posted March 18, 2014

VitelityLogo_PMS_540We believe that new technologies should amplify our lives and create new contrast points leaving us wanting more while allowing us to forget what it was like to live without it. When we took on this project, we started with the idea that everything should be connected and utilizing the Internet should significantly magnify the usefulness. We took a cellular phone, then connected ourselves as close to the tower as we could and worked to change how we communicate day to day. It started with the idea that it shouldn’t be an app, the phone should be re-engineered and rewritten to offload major functions over Wifi when available and act like a normal phone when the Internet goes away. It molded to the conclusion that the phone, regardless of whether Wifi is available, should natively connect to your office phone system and become a natural extension of not only your call flows, but your work life.

What we came up with was a smart phone that costs nothing when connected to Wifi and seamlessly transfers to cellular when your connection becomes unstable, costing then only pennies. For $10 per month, your phone becomes an integrated VoIP phone on your office phone system, allowing features like 4 digit calling, call queues, call transfer, and the hundreds of other features FreePBX, Broadsoft and many other PBX systems offer.

Our purpose is to enhance lives through technology and today we believe that we’ve done that.